Designing for pandemics and beyond

A conversation with designer and entrepreneur Hân Pham, whose design for health care professionals has become more relevant than ever

Designing for pandemics and beyond - with designer and entrepreneur Hân Pham

COVID-19 has left the world at a standstill with no real certainty of when the wheels start turning again. As the global community strives to create a functioning present and future during the disease, immediate design solutions are booming all over. Can design solve a world crisis? And will it help ensure a safer future?

Join IDA and The Index Project in this online webinar, where we examine the above questions. We’ll discuss the value of design methodology and have a live talk with Industrial Designer Hân Pham, whose product YellowOne Handsafe has gotten more attention during the virus outbreak than in the last three years in total. She’ll share her story, what opportunities she sees ahead and answer questions from participants.


YellowOne Handsafe is a wearable ‘point of care’ alcohol-based hand disinfection dispenser. It gives healthcare staff easy access to hand cleaning without having to leave the patient zone. YHS is right at your fingertips and therefore supports the hospital staff’s workflow and tempo.

The Index Project: formerly INDEX: Design to Improve Life, was born in 2002 and initially tasked with running a large-scale design award to further brand Denmark as a progressive design nation. Together, the world is facing countless critical problems, from cybersecurity to climate change, species extinction to social inequality. And now, more than ever, we need optimism and ingenuity. With the right knowledge and community, we can design a better future. But we have to act now. The Index Project is a call to action. Are you in?

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