Terms of employment in the public sector

All figures are based on the results of a survey conducted among IDA’s members employed in the public sector.


1. Working hours and shiftsLink kopieret


Weekly working hoursLink kopieret


Renumeration for additional workLink kopieret


Scheduled to work during evenings/nights or weekends/bank holidaysLink kopieret


Scheduled evening workLink kopieret


Scheduled work on weekend/bank holidaysLink kopieret


Share with necessary evening/weekend workLink kopieret


On-call duty schemeLink kopieret


Hours you are obliged to be availableLink kopieret


2. Other employment termsLink kopieret


Fixed-term positionLink kopieret


Travel daysLink kopieret


How often can one take up to two days off if one’s child is ill?Link kopieret


Days off paid by employerLink kopieret


3. Employee benefitsLink kopieret


Employee benefitsLink kopieret


4. Competence developmentLink kopieret


Share who participated in competence developmentLink kopieret


Days of competence developmentLink kopieret


Participated during normal working hoursLink kopieret


Expenses for competency developmentLink kopieret


5. Senior schemeLink kopieret


Share with a senior schemeLink kopieret


Right to a special scheme for senior employeesLink kopieret


Elements included in the schemesLink kopieret