Society for Green Technology

Society for Green Technology – a scientific society within Danish Society of Engineers

In recognition of our shared responsibility for technological development the Society for Green Technology is working to help changing development, SGT to spin evolution in a more sustainable direction.

Past sins cannot be undone. So the possibility is that we use all the knowledge and experience available today to prevent future ecological mismanagement. The goal is to find a balance between our ever increasing consumption and the limited natural resources.

In Society for Green Technology, we provide knowledge on new techniques and experience in green and eco-efficient technologies. This includes new or rediscovered lifestyles associated with them. We wish also to foster the transition to real sustainable systems by taking initiatives for expanded use of clean technology, urban ecology and other preventive environmental strategies.

Society for Green Technology has around 1000 members and has contributed to the plans for energy, environment and climate of the Danish Society of Engineers.

Chairman: Michael Søgaard Jørgensen,

SGT can be contacted at the address stated below: 

Society for Green Technology
31-33 Kalvebod Brygge
1780 Copenhagen V
Tel. +45 33 18 55 18