IDA Polymer (English)

IDA Polymer is a division of the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA)

IDA Polymer works to promulgate new technical innovations and to stimulate debate within the polymer community by arranging meetings and symposia. These events feature both Danish lectures as well as speakers brought in from abroad. Most meetings are hold in Copenhagen, but occasionally events are scheduled outside the capital.

We also arrange excursions to Danish and foreign firms, technical service institutes, and research facilities within the polymer area.

The society promotes the newest technical developments within the areas of:

  • specific materials structure, properties and applications
  • construction and design with rubber and plastic
  • part design and tool constructions
  • various processing techniques, their machinery and equipment
  • environmental problems connected with the synthesis, processing and use of polymers
  • problems concerned with recycling

In addition, standard technology is reviewed as part of a general orientation program for the employees of the polymer industry.