Register of Certified Structural Engineers

In principle, the Register of Certified Structural Engineers is divided into two sections, listing respectively:

  • Individuals who have Danish Structural Engineering Certification
  • Individuals who are certified as structural engineers elsewhere but who have either obtained official temporary structural engineering work in Denmark or have obtained a formal permanent appointment as a certified structural engineer in Denmark

There are currently no individuals with foreign structural engineering certification who have official temporary work or have applied for and obtained permanent work as certified structural engineers in Denmark. Thus the register below lists only individuals with Danish structural engineering certification.

The register lists both practising certified structural engineers and former certified structural engineers who were practising in 2005 or later. Those who are currently practising are named in the first part of the list while those who have ceased/suspended their activities are entered in the second part.

If the structural engineering certification was issued outside Denmark, this will be clear from the list.

The information on each certified structural engineer includes the name and address of the firm or organisation for which he or she was working at the time when the certification was awarded or most recently renewed.