Peer group for foreigners working in Denmark

Relocating to a new country for work is challenging in many different ways. In IDA’s Peer Group for foreigners working in Denmark, you will meet other expats who have also moved to Denmark for work.

When you move abroad, it becomes apparent how many levels of everyday life are influenced by the dominating culture and customs. As a foreigner working in Denmark, you have probably wondered how to understand the Danish way of communicating, and asked yourself more than once,what does it mean, when he/she says that? Was that a joke? Why do they react like that? 

Navigating unfamiliar traditions and frames of reference is in many ways an act of decoding a new way of being in the social world. It can especially be hard to get accustomed to how things are done in the workplace when attitudes towards work ethics, work-life balance and ways of communicating are often bound to the local culture and way of life. 


The price for attending five meetings in a peer group is only 495 DKK.

Only for IDA-members:
The peer group is for IDA-members only. If you want to be a member, you have to sign up. 

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In addition to cultural differences, you may have experiences with miscommunication due to the language barrier, especially if your colleagues are predominantly Danish speakers. Some parts of living in Denmark might feel familiar to you, while others might take time to get used to. Nevertheless, the wonders and challenges of moving to a new country are most likely difficult to understand for both your family and friends at home as well as your Danish friend and colleagues.

In IDA’s Peer Group for foreigners working in Denmark, you will meet other expats who have also moved to Denmark for work and can  relate to the challenges you are facing and the questions you have.

Marianne Ehlers,
Program Director

You can discuss the good and bad experiences you have had in Denmark with people who understand the situation you are in. 

Points you can discuss in the group

  • Language barrier and intercultural (mis)communication
  • Struggling to make friends and meet people
  • Navigating the corporate structure of a foreign culture
  • Managing big life changes
  • Missing family and friends at home

Volunteer facilitators will lead the meetings

The peer group is planned and facilitated by voluntary IDA members as the final part of their course in professional facilitation. IDA’s experienced network facilitator will support and supervise the volunteer peer group facilitators throughout the entire process.   

You choose the themes

The peer group takes a point of departure in cases from your working lives and careers.  Our tools are mentoring and discussion, case work and visits from external experts who can contribute with new methods. Your interests serve as the foundation for the peer group, and you can contribute with ideas for subjects, cases or presentations that facilitate a constructive conversation at the group meetings. The group is confidential and a safe space for you to discuss current challenges with like-minded individuals who are not personally invested in your workplace. 

Be aware that

The peer group is for IDA-members only and is only set up if an adequate number of people show interest. The peer group meetings will be located wherever there is the most geographical demand.  

Marianne Ehlers

Program Director of IDA Peer Groups

Get more information

Do you want to learn more about the group or want to join our IDA Peer Group for foreigners working in Denmark, please contact Marianne Ehlers, Program Director of IDA Peer Groups. Remember to write your name, phone number and job title.