2nd Nordic-Italian Polymer Future workshop

Join us in meeting and listening to the coming stars of polymer science from the Nordic countries and Italy. Polymer science connects the basic understanding of plastics with the daily use of these indispensable materials.

IDA Conference, København V

Fra mandag d. 02. september 2019. kl 09:00

Til tirsdag d. 03. september 2019. kl 14:00

Fra 2.000 kr.

Tilmeldingsfrist 01. september 2019 - kl. 23:59



The Workshop intends to present ongoing as well as planned polymer research within the two geographic entities. This should set the scene for mutual exchange of knowledge and novel ideas that could develop into wider dissemination of research advances, industrial innovation and professional networking. Also, possible exchange of students and post-docs beyond existing alliances could be fostered. New collaborations will be favored, which could eventually help to envision international polymer research consortia.
Strong international consortia with solid industrial support seem presently necessary in order to obtain substantial funding, e.g. from EU.

The Workshop will consist of invited lectures primarily by young, yet established researchers who will review the state of the art and prospect for an emerging future in their selected fields of polymer science, engineering and application. The abstracts of the invitees will be up-loaded on the webpage upon reception; the workshop will in addition feature an oral communication as well as a poster session. Naturally, larger participation from the Italian and Nordic communities and the International community at large is very cordially welcome.

Those who wish to contribute an oral communication or a poster paper should send a one-page abstract to Helle Borch, hbo@ida.dk by the deadline 28 July 2019. The abstracts will be up-loaded on the webpage after acceptance.


Praktisk Info


IDA Conference

Kalvebod Brygge 31 - 33

1780 København V


Fra mandag d. 02. september 2019. kl 09:00

Til tirsdag d. 03. september 2019. kl 14:00


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2.000 kr.


2.000 kr.


2.000 kr.

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2.500 kr.


2.500 kr.

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2.500 kr.


2.500 kr.


2.500 kr.


Søndag d. 01. september 2019

Kl. 23:59

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IDA Polymer


Further Informations

The price is 325 Euro for members and collaborators and 260 Euro for PHD students.

PHD Students who wish to attend the workshop must send an email to Helle Borch, hbo@ida.dk in order to get the lower price.



You can book a hotelroom at Wakeup, Bernstorffsgade - about 3 min. walk from IDA House.

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  • Professor Søren Hvilsted, Chair
                      IDA Polymer, DK, soren@hvilstedconsult.dk

  • Professor Minna Hakkarainen
                      Royal Institute of Technology, SE, minna@kth.se

  • Professor Heikki Tenhu
                      University of Helsinki, FI, Heikki.tenhu@helsinki.fi

  • Professor Giancarlo Galli
                      University of Pisa, IT, giancarlo.galli@unipi.it

  • Professor Michele Laus
                      University East Piemonte, IT, michele.laus@uniupo.it

Invited Lecturers

  • Assoc. Professor Karin Odelius
    Sustainable and functional polymer design through ring-opening polymerization
    Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

  • Senior Lecturer Akram Zamani
    Fungal biopolymers: A new source for production of bioplastics 
    University of Borås, Sweden

  • Associated Professor Reidar Lund
    Kinetic Pathways of Block Copolymer Self-assembly in Solution 
    Department of Chemisty, Norway

  • Assoc. Professor Vladimir Aseyev
    Amphiphilic Polymers by Means of Light Scattering Methods
    University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Post-doc Erno Karjalainen
    Counterion Responsive Polycations
    University of Helsinki, Finland

  • CEO, Dr. Mikkel Kongsfeldt
    Towards commercialization of Polymer Brushes
    RadiSurf ApS

  • Assoc. Professor Esben Thormann
    Properties of polyelectrolyte multilayers - beyond electrostatic stabilization
    Technical University of Denmark

  • Assoc. Professor Davide Comoretto
    Polymer Nanostructures for Photonics; novel opportunities from lasing to sensing
    Università Degli Studi di Genova, Italy 

  • Assoc. Professor Andrea Pucci
    Polymer Films with Aggregation-induced Emission: Applications and Perspectives
    Università di Pisa, Italy

  • Post-doc Federico Ferrarese Lupi
    Self-assembling materials for nanoscale metrology
    Istituto Nazionale Di Ricerca Metrololiga (INRiM), Italy

  • Assist. Professor Martina Salzano de Luna
    Chitosan (nano)composites as adsorbents for water purification: challenges and opportunities
    Università of Naples Federico II, Italy