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Find the right course - at member prices. In IDA we have a wide range of exciting courses and programs tailored to you as an engineer or a cand.scient. That way, you can ensure your market value and continuously develop your skills.

Eliciting and managing requirements

Pris fra 10.000 kr. ekskl. moms

Learn to transform identified needs into clear, actionable requirements and help your team apply them actively in their development process.

Design Thinking in Practice - with Certification Opportunity

Pris fra 10.500 kr. ekskl. moms

Learn to execute a complete Design Thinking process. In this course, you will acquire the tools to develop innovative solutions

Copilot tools: Mastering Microsoft AI solutions

Pris fra 10.500 kr. ekskl. moms

Acquire deep insights into Copilot AI-tools and transform your productivity, security, and efficiency.

DevOps Tools: Docker and Kubernetes for developers

Nye datoer kommer snarest

Build, integrate and run containers in just 2 days. Learn how to use the new DevOps tools, Docker and Kubernetes.

Mastering version control with Git

Pris fra 9.900 kr. ekskl. moms

Get a solid foundation to understand the fundamentals and to take full advantage of the power of Git.

AI in Pharma

Nye datoer kommer snarest

Learn to plan, implement, and manage AI in the pharmaceutical production – all while making your processes smarter.

Machine Learning - get value out of your data

Pris fra 10.500 kr. ekskl. moms

Get introduced to concepts and applications of machine learning as a tool for extracting value from data.

Management of Risks – M_o_R® 4 Practitioner

Pris fra 14.500 kr. ekskl. moms

A certain amount of risk taking is inevitable for your organisation to achieve its objectives.

Informal leader - Leading without formal authority

Pris fra 15.000 kr. ekskl. moms

Become the informal leader your colleagues would like to collaborate with. Learn to create your own mandate so you can navigate effectively

Project Management 1: Foundations of project management

Pris fra 15.000 kr. ekskl. moms

Learn the project management basics - the milestone plan, the stakeholder analysis, the risk analysis etc.

Project Management 2: Team management, commitment & project start

Pris fra 15.000 kr. ekskl. moms

Can you get your team to work together? Learn to lead your project team based on the individual project participants.

SAFe® Scrum Master in English

Pris fra 9.900 kr. ekskl. moms

Become a certified SAFe® Scrum Master and learn how to implement and operate Scrum in your team and at the program level.

Leading SAFe® in English

Pris fra 9.900 kr. ekskl. moms

Become a driving force in your company's agile transformation with a certification as a SAFe® Agilist.

Introduction to leadership

Pris fra 12.800 kr. ekskl. moms

Strengthen your new role as a leader.

PRINCE2® Foundation, 6th Edition e-learning

Pris fra 7.900 kr. ekskl. moms

Learn to manage projects through the world's most recognized best practice in project management

PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner E-learning

Pris fra 7.900 kr. ekskl. moms

Learn to combine agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban and LEAN Startup with the world's leading project method, PRINCE2®

PRINCE2® Foundation & PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner e-learning

Pris fra 13.400 kr. ekskl. moms

Become PRINCE2® certified in Foundation and Agile Practitioner. Learn to relate principles, processes and themes to project scenarios.

Design Thinking Foundation (English) - e-learning course

Pris fra 6.000 kr. ekskl. moms

Through 8 digital moduls you will learn the entire Design Thinking process and learn th most central design-methods and tools.

Certified Lean Yellow Belt - English

Pris fra 7.400 kr. ekskl. moms

Two-day foundational course in Lean principles, tools, techniques, as well as Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and process improvements.

Certified Lean Green Belt - English

Pris fra 25.400 kr. ekskl. moms

Seven-day intensive Lean training for those aspiring to be Lean Managers and successfully implement Lean projects with measurable results.

Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt - English

Pris fra 10.000 kr. ekskl. moms

3-day fundamental training in the Six Sigma mindset, tools, and DMAIC project model

Project Academy – An online training program

Pris fra 8.500 kr. ekskl. moms

Learn the most important and fundamental factors for successful projects and project management, how to organize, plan and execute projects,

Professional Scrum Product Owner

Pris fra 10.500 kr. ekskl. moms

Get the PSPO-I certificate from This Product Owner course provides you with a certification.

Scrum Master e-learning

Pris fra 6.000 kr. ekskl. moms

Become a Scrum Master at your own pace with this adaptive online edition of the official Scrum Master PSM1 course.


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