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Video: Negotiating in an international context

In this video we take you through the elements of a negotiation while we tune in on the parts where culture plays a role.


af IDA

The lawyer and negotiation expert, Kirstine Skaarup meets the cultural intelligence consultant, Marisa Matarese and together they go through the phases of a negotiation and discuss strategies and tools to plan, perform and close a negotiation with various national cultures involved.


  • In this webinar, you will learn how culture impacts how you typically prepare for the negotiation and we will go through items to match to the culture you are negotiating with.
  • You will learn how different cultures have different expectations to confident performance. It starts with how you introduce and present yourself as well as how you present your data and points during the negotiation. To make you live up to the expectations, we will share strategies for how to present effectively in different cultures.
  • We will furthermore illustrate how different levels of formality and hierarchy play out in different cultures and what to expect from a Danish context.
  • We will focus on different communication styles in negotiations – how to decode the counterpart’s style and shift your own.
  • Finally, we will discuss and present best practices for closing a negotiation and follow up.

Kirstine Skaarup:

Kirstine Skaarup is an Attorney at IDA and act as a consultant for private employees within all fields of employment. Furthermore, Kirstine Skaarup is part of IDAs global team and provides counselling within different aspects of global mobility. Kirstine Skaarup also teaches negotiating to trade union representatives at IDA’s TRU courses.

Marisa Matarese:

Marisa Matarese is a cultural intellience and strategy consultant.

She assists organizations, teams and projects in designing strategies for effective collaboration and developing the individual's practical skills in becoming efficient when working internationally.

Marisa is driven by the ambition that people have good intentions. However, these good intentions are often lost in translation.

Especially when working across cultures. Her main focus is therefore to equip people with skills and knowledge about how to control the way they are perceived.

Marisa holds a master degree in Portuguese language and culture from the University of Copenhagen and a degree as a journalist. Furthermore, she is a certified LEGO Serious Play facilitator.

As a consultant, she has worked closely together with organizations like Dong Energy, Novo Nordisk, IDA, Novozymes, LEGO and FLSmidth to name a few.

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